Our farm began as a family-owned-and-operated business in Rockland County, New York. Originally, some of the farm work was done with horse-drawn equipment as seen here. Bob Van Houten and Bessie made quite a team as they cultivated the strawberry field together as late as the mid '60's.

In the early '70's, we relocated to Northeastern Pennsylvania, where we currently reside and continue the family business on 350 acres of fertile Pennsylvania farmland.

In addition to a wide range of fresh market produce, we maintain a greenhouse operation providing bedding plants for wholesale and retail markets in New York, Pennsylvania, and our latest retail outlet in Bel Air, Maryland. Our Maryland outlet, Van Houten Gardens, run by Darin Van Houten, offers a wide range of quality plants, produce and holiday trees and wreaths. We produce and sell high quality hay and straw. We round out the year with a crop of fall mums and end it with the production and sale of hand-made and hand-decorated Christmas wreaths.

Cultivating with horse power

Bob and Anne Van Houten
10 Thomas Road
Orangeville, PA 17859
Home: 570-683-5560
Cell: 570-854-2057
E-mail us at

These web pages would not be complete without mention of the real boss of VHF. Steve, our yellow lab, can be seen throughout the seasons romping through our fields, and overseeing every phase of the operation. He is especially fond of break time with the crew.
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