We have approximately 80,000 square feet of greenhouses in which we grow a wide variety of bedding plants including all of the popular annuals, many vegetables, several herbs, and fall mums. Our packages include flats, potted material hanging baskets and mixed planters. We sell primarily wholesale both locally and in New York State. Our product is available at Greenmarkets in New York City, and in family owned outlets in Rockland County, NY.

All of our products are available on site for retail sales.
Call for more information and directions.
Wax begoniasHandle packsNew Guinea impatiensPetunias
Hanging basketsGeraniumsSnapdragonsMarigolds

Bob and Anne Van Houten
10 Thomas Road
Orangeville, PA 17859
Home: 570-683-5560
Cell: 570-854-2057
E-mail us at
Feel free to contact us by phone or email with any questions.
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