Christmas wreaths, Produce, Hay, Straw, and Bedding plants



  • Handmade
  • Hand-decorated
  • Fresh Fraser fir
  • Mail-order retail
  • Organization fundraisers
  • Wholesale f.o.b. or delivered

Van Houten Farms has been producing premium quality fresh Christmas wreaths for over 25 years. Each wreath receives individual care and attention. Our wreaths are marketed in 3 basic ways:

  • Wholesale in bulk to outlets locally and in New York State
  • As fundraisers in partnership with not-for-profits
  • Retail by mail-order

Style H Horse loverBluejay fundraiser not availableStyle G Greyhound lover
Style #1Style #3Style #2


Bob and Anne Van Houten (owners)
10 Thomas Road
Orangeville, PA 17859
Home: 570-683-5560
Cell: 570-854-2057
E-mail us at

Thank you for visiting our wreath page.

Mail-order ship dates for 2011 to be announced.

For further information, product descriptions, and prices please phone or e-mail us at the above location.

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